Approximately 50 adhesive tapes are used in the production of a vehicle. From noise prevention, to hole covering, masking, protection and everything in-between, we have a tape solution for a multitude of applications in the Automotive Industry.

Please note that these tapes are only a few examples of what we have to offer the Automotive Industry.

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided Transparent Acrylic Core Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7058 Double-sided Acrylic Core Tape / Excellent Adhesiveness / High Tack / Ultra-translucent / High Temperature Resistance / High Chemical.

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided High Adhesion Black Acrylic Foam Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7065 Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape / Excellent Adhesiveness / “Hard-to-bond” Substrates / High Tack / Temperature Resistance / Chemical

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided High Resistance Acrylic Foam Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7076 Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape / Temperature Resistance / Cold-shock Resistance / Chemical Resistance / UV Resistance / Bonding

tesa Bodyguard® 50530

Body Guard. Temporary Protection for Painted Surfaces. Up to six months outdoors. Leaves no Adhesive. Environmentally friendly.

tesa® 7133

Interior Protection for Unpainted Plastic Parts, removable without any residue. No lifting off during oven drying.

tesa® 50551 Wheel Rim Protetection Tape

tesa® 50551 transparent protection tape is the perfect solution for the protection of sensitive surfaces during transportation. The transparency of tesa® 50551 makes damages easily recognizable. Due to the good UV resistance tesa® 50551 can remain on the surface until the arrival at the end customer.

tesa® 61124

tesa® 61124 is a premium polyester tape with a high temperature resistant silicone adhesive. The excellent temperature resistance makes it suitable for high demanding applications such as masking during powder coating, autoclave bonding operations during composite production or or wave soldering processes. The excellent visible blue colour ensures tape visibility at first sight and also automatic detection.

tesa® 51608

tesa® 51608 is the universal tape for wire harness bundling in the passenger compartment. It combines important features as noise dampening, abrasion resistance, and bundling strength while keeping harnesses flexible supporting an easy harness assembly process at the OEM. tesa® 51608 a PET fleece wire harness tape with a rubber based adhesive that is optimized for manual application.

tesa® 4651 Premium Acrylic Coated Cloth Tape

tesa® 4651 is a very strong cloth tape for almost every application, including masking, sealing, bundling, or repairing. Due to its resistance towards environmental factors such as water, UV, and humidity, the powerful adhesive cloth tape is ideal for long-term or even permanent outdoor applications. The tape is based on an acrylic coated cloth backing with a 145 yarns per square inch, giving the tape a high tensile strength and good abrasion resistance. The natural rubber adhesive features a good hold on multiple surfaces, smooth and coarse, as well as a high tack and short dwell time.

tesa® 4657 Temperature Resistant Acrylic Coated Cloth Tape

tesa® 4657 high-quality woven acrylic covered cloth tape with an exceptionally high mesh count of 145 mesh, making for high tensile strength, good hand-tearability, and perfectly straight tear lines. The tape is frequently used for a wide range of fastening, covering, and masking applications due to its good temperature resistance. It is usable for both interior and exterior applications and is suitable for long-term purposes. The cloth tape is water resistant, abrasion resistant, and is able to withstand paints, and organic solvents.

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