In the Construction & Glass industry, the use of tape is becoming more prevalent than ever, from windows to solar panels, doors to furniture, glass partitions to facades, we will find the perfect solution for your project. Not only do we offer tapes for use during construction, but also for the protection of your components during transportation & construction.

Please note that these tapes are only a few examples of what we have to offer the  Construction Glass Industry.

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided

tesa® ACXplus 7058 is an ultra-transparent, pure acrylic core tape, ideal for bonding translucent materials such as decorative glass panels, PMMA plates, extruded profiles, and glass partition walls. The acrylic core features high viscoelasticity, providing extremely good bonding strength, as well as high conformability and elasticity. Thus, it is capable of holding heavy weights. The acrylic core absorbs dynamic vibrations and relieves stress on bonded joints.

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided High Adhesion Black Acrylic Foam Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7065 is a high-performance, double-sided foam tape for intelligent and demanding bonding applications. The product is recommended for “hard-to-bond” materials and can easily be used in combination with a tesa® Adhesion Promoter product. The acrylic foam tape offers excellent immediate adhesion, even on substrates with a low surface energy such as polypropylene and powder-coated materials. tesa® ACXplus 7065 tape is highly resistant against aging, UV, softeners, humidity, plasticizers, and many chemicals.

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided High Resistance Acrylic Foam Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7076 is a high-resistance double-sided foam tape, especially designed for demanding outdoor applications. tesa® ACXplus 7076 is ideal for applications such as reinforcement of bar mounting, wall cladding, back rails, and decorative elements. The double-sided tape can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, UV-light, chemicals, salt water, and cleaning agents. The pure acrylic adhesive features excellent adhesive strength to many polar surfaces, while the acrylic foam backing makes the tape flexible, conformable, and offers superior bonding strength.

tesa® ACXplus Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7042 is a high-performance acrylic foam tape for professional constrictive bonding and mounting applications. The viscoelastic acrylic foam core absorbs dynamic forces and vibrations, levels out different thermal expansions, and offers superior bonding strength. This backing is combined with a strong pure acrylic adhesive, which features good tack, excellent adhesive strength and high resistance to multiple factors, including aging, UV, humidity, chemicals, and softeners.

SC1160 Clear

D/S Acrylic Bonding Tape. Consists of an Acrylic Adhesive on a Red Polyethylene Film Siliconised Release Liner. Use where an invisible Bond Line is Required. Safety Glass Manufacture. Glass Partition Bonding. Bonding Clear Plastics.

 SC1177 Grey

High Performance Acrylic Foam Bonding Tape. Consists of an Acrylic Foam Adhesive with a Solid Acrylic Core and Red Polyethylene Film Siliconised Release Liner. Low Energy Surfaces. Metal Fabrication. Plastic Profile Bonding. Panel Fixing

 SC1179 White

Thick Standard Performance Acrylic Foam Bonding Tape. Consists of an Acrylic Foam Adhesive with a Solid Acrylic Core and a Scapa Branded Paper Release Liner. Signage Manufacturing. Trim Attachment. Metal Stiffener Bonding. Georgian Bars.


Non ADH Barrier Tape Red / White / Yellow / Black.


Detecta Tape – Demarcation, Electric Cable Buried below Skull & Cross Bones.

SA2007 / SA2058

PVC Demarcation – Lane Marking – All Colours and Stripped.


Glazing Tape.


Single Sided Soft and Med Density Foam Water Seal. Grey and Black.


D/S Foam Tape – High Shear – Mirror Mount.


Anti-Skid Tape, Any Slippery Surface.


Reflective Tape – Red / Yellow / White (Road Signs and Night Time Demarcation)


Oralaite VC – Compulsory on Trucks, Caravans, Trailers – SABS Approved


Electrical Products

All Electrical Insulation Tapes, Cable Joining Tapes, Glass Cloth Tapes, Ins Tape Self Amalgamating.


Comprehensive Range of Different Masking Tapes.


30 and 100 Micron Aluminium – Tapes.


Shuttering Tape – Pillar Boxes, Floor Gaps, High Adhesive.

R401 Black/White

Protection Mask – Outdoor – Black/White – Aluminium Windows & Door Frames Stainless Steel.

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